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A Bangkok Verdict

Book cover of A Candle for Consuela by Mike Kingston

In the gripping thriller A Bangkok Verdict, the bustling streets of Bangkok and the enigmatic depths of Asia’s infamous ‘Golden Triangle’ set the stage for a relentless battle against time and fate.

Dan Cooper is shattered by the news of his son, Mat’s incarceration in a Bangkok prison on drug smuggling charges. Amidst the beauty and intrigue of clandestine Asia, Cooper plunges into a murky world of corruption and betrayal.

In this unforgiving landscape, he turns to Tony Tavinor, an ex-soldier who knows the treachery and danger that characterise the hidden shadows that lie beneath the city’s gilded veneer.

As memories of Asia’s tumultuous past resurface, Tavinor unravels a conspiracy rooted in treachery and greed. Amidst the dangers posed by drug lords and a corrupt system, he embarks on a perilous journey through Asia’s dark underbelly, navigating Bangkok’s glittering temples and festering back alleys.

As he delves deeper, he reveals a chilling conspiracy that eventually leads to a ruthless warlord. Chao Thanarat exercises brutal power amongst the Hmong tribes of Laos and has amassed a fortune from heroin harvested from the opium fields of the legendary Golden Triangle.

A Bangkok Verdict is a visceral tale of sacrifice and survival endured whilst navigating treacherous paths to reclaim justice and freedom.

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Book cover of A Candle for Consuela by Mike Kingston

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