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A Candle for Consuela

Book cover of A Candle for Consuela by Mike Kingston

"Absolutely brilliant."

– Five-star Amazon reviewer

“Well written and researched.”

– Five-star Amazon reviewer

“Very good plots with believable characters.”

– Five-star Amazon reviewer

“A must read.”

– Five-star Amazon reviewer


Though her wounds are well hidden, they sometimes emerge to drag her to a place she never wants to visit again. Having fled for her life from El Salvador, she trailed through the US, France and Britain before finding safety and work in St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Church in London.

FATHER JOHN DOYLE, the devout priest at St Mary’s makes Consuela feel secure after years of turmoil, and they grow close as they work on the ‘Mission to the Homeless’.

When he meets SENOR ADOLFO GUZMAN at the church, however, Consuela sees him arrive. Memories of death, torture and loss consume her as the sanctuary of the church is snatched away from her.

When Father Doyle discovers why Consuela fears for her life, the evil truth about Guzman, and the tragic murders of six Jesuit priests at Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas in San Salvador, on 16th November 1989, a murder that echoed around the world, he is determined to make the right decision. Will he find the courage to stay true to his heart? Will Consuela give way to the desperate feelings of revenge that consume her?

Find out in this gripping, disturbing political novel which explores a strong woman’s rage and her quest for revenge, forbidden love and a tortured romance, a gay priest who finds love and an explosive story where love triumphs over religion.

A shocking political thriller inspired by true events.

"Absolutely brilliant. Well written and researched, very good plots with believable characters. A must read for all."

– Five-star Amazon reviewer

"…A shocking political thriller inspired by true events – the tragic murder of six innocent Jesuit priests in El Salvador on 16th November 1989 – a murder that echoed around the world…"

– Five-star Amazon reviewer