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A Flyblown Solution

Book cover of A Candle for Consuela by Mike Kingston

"Edge of your seat stuff."

– Five-star Amazon reviewer

“A fabulous second book by Kingston. A must read.”

– Five-star Amazon reviewer

Tony Tavinor sat at the side of a track in a small village in East Timor. He suddenly heard the sound of Hawk Jets, like a voice howling in anger. The sound of death, of oppression. As the first bombs fell, he threw himself down on Alisa, the ten years old daughter of Jose dos Santos, a campaigner against the Indonesian occupation.

He had been in East Timor for almost four years.

He fell in love with the strange forgotten land.

He fell in love with its resolute and oppressed people.

He gave his skills as a soldier to an indigenous group fighting for independence. He helped Maria and Doctor Roberto Garcia tend to the sick and wounded.

Then they hear about Indonesian General Feisal Usman’s “final solution”.

The planting of thousands of landmines throughout the interior of the Island making it uninhabitable.

Illegal landmines being covertly supplied as part of a major arms deal between the UK and Indonesia.

Garcia pleads with Tavinor to go to London to stop this disaster.

Then Alisa is badly injured by a landmine, and the Indonesian army almost captures Garcia.

Tavinor has to get them out to safety and stop the landmines.

Based on true events, A Flyblown Solution is the explosive follow up to A Candle For Consuela.

Book cover of A Candle for Consuela by Mike Kingston