The Millstream where Friends sit, laugh and slumber

Bosham in Chichester Harbour is a village whose narrative stems from Roman origins and weaves a tapestry of English history.

Holy Trinity Church is a unique part of Bosham’s legacy, its Saxon roots entrenched by the water’s edge. Immortalised in the Bayeux Tapestry, this site allegedly bore witness to King Canute’s legendary yet futile bid to tame the tides.

Bosham’s lively harbour is a bustling hub and a mecca for visitors whilst stepping into the village itself unveils a tapestry of cobbled lanes, flanked by centuries-old cottages, tea rooms, and welcoming pubs.

A quintessential English village.

The Millstream Hotel is a traditional family-owned hotel located in Bosham set within its own attractive gardens.

The gardens are a unique part of the hotel, not just because of the exquisitely tended grounds populated with benches, chairs and tables for guests to relax in, but also because careful examination brings to light framed poems, attached to trees, and written by Stephen O’Shea, the talented gardener.


Friends sit, laugh and slumber by Stephen O’Shea.

Dark, the night fire glows warm and bright

Jasmine parades the air

Brightly coloured lanterns contrast with

The sturdy evening stars

Bats fly in their drunken darkness

The canopy of the vine holds the heat

Like the memory of a long-lost love.

As the wind empties and the light fades

Faces disappear into the shadows,

The chatter flits like candlelight

Whispers grow with delight.

As laughter tells new tales

Slightly exaggerated,

But truth is within their sight.

Glasses are raised for the umpteenth time,

As friends sit, laugh and slumber.


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