WHY A Newsletter

A regular newsletter is a relatively new phenomenon – brought about because authors can now connect directly with their readers. In the past, a writer would toil away and then hand a manuscript to a publisher who, if it were accepted, would edit, polish and draw up marketing plans for a couple of years – and send out their sales force to bookshops with the list of books that were to be published in a few months.

Publishing used to maintain a reputation as a “gentleman’s profession.” The business was built around the “old boy’s network” that made connections between authors, agents, and publishers.

Then, in 1995, that cosy patriarchal world was blown apart in the garage of Jeff Bezos’ rented home in Bellevue, Washington.

Amazon opened as an online bookseller, allowing authors to market their products from a website and an electronic sales operation, often Amazon, so authors could sell directly to the public, and avoid the trials and pitfalls of liaising with publishers.

Then, in 2007, a new industry was founded when the eBook was launched.

These revolutionary changes allowed, for the first time, authors to make direct contact with their readers and also created new means of communication between readers and authors. Blogs, websites, Facebook, and X-Twitter all found their place as did the simple newsletter – sent out every few weeks or months.

A newsletter is one of the most valuable tools at an author’s disposal. Why? Because it allows authors to build genuine relationships with their readers through exclusive offers, book releases, anecdotes, and other subscriber-only benefits.

I joined the trend a year or so back. It has been rewarding and helpful – with suggestions from readers, invitations to talks and comments that sustain any writer.

Has it been a success – for me certainly – contact with readers is important and satisfying,

Letting readers know what you are working on gives insights into the nature of characters, how you came across them, and your history, which, in my case, led to the books I have written.

So, I started composing this month’s newsletter.

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