Exciting and provocative. A must read.”

– Five-star reviewer for A Candle For Consuela

“…a page-turner of a book.”

– Four-star reviewer for A Flyblown Solution

“…a great read. Superb book.”

– Five-star reviewer for A Candle For Consuela

“A wonderful book that really makes the reader think how random our lives are!”

– Very positive reviewer for A Candle For Consuela

“The story-telling is pacey and it builds to an exciting climax.”

–  Peter F Bartram, Author of the Headline Hero series

“Compulsive and disturbing… an excellent book!”

–  5 star reveiwer for A Candle For Consuela

Outstanding. The characters were well drawn and the story compelling and powerful. I would recommend this work very highly.”

–  5 star reveiwer for A Candle For Consuela

“Wonderful book, well written and observed. Gripping and incredibly interesting.”

–  5 star reveiwer for A Candle For Consuela

Absolutely brilliant book. Well written and researched.”

–  5 star reveiwer for A Candle For Consuela

“I couldn’t put it down.”

–  5 star reveiwer for A Candle For Consuela

“Having lived and worked in Latin America since 1977, reading Mike Kingston’s novel, A Candle for Consuela, brought me back to the time I spent covering war in Nicaragua and El Salvador — hard times that I occasionally would rather forget.

Kingston weaves together priests, nuns, traumatized civilians, shady power brokers, the Catholic church, corrupt military, international corporations and their bosses, and many others, to reconstruct a story with roots in El Salvador’s brutal and merciless civil war and its aftermath. As a foreign correspondent for United Press International (UPI) and photojournalist for Newsweek magazine, I witnessed much of the conflict, close-up and personal, and Kingston’s vivid prose rings true to my memory of that sinister time and place.

“A bloody time,” the author calls it. “Dead bodies littering the streets. Soldiers swaggering through the slums, and every journey a hazard. Bodyguards that you hoped would keep you alive and hadn’t been bought by one of the militias to allow kidnap for ransom.”

Bloody it was.

Perhaps the bloodiest and most terrifying episode in the book is linked to the real-life, 1989 murder of six Jesuit priests, their maid and her 16-year-old daughter, by the U.S.-trained, Atlacatl Battalion counter-insurgency unit of the Salvadoran Army. The priests worked at El Salvador’s Jesuit university. The book is dedicated to these souls.

Kingston’s story ends in London where his protagonists cope with the demons that haunt them still — hard times that they, too, might rather forget. However, remembering might help us understand how to avert the mistakes and the horrors of the past. I suspect this is the reason, at least in part, that Kingston wrote, A Candle for Consuela.”

– Bill Gentile, author

“Mike Kingston and his cast of characters from A Candle for Consuela deliver another spine-tingling, wide-ranging worldwide epic in A Flyblown Solution. Ex-soldier Tony Tavinor is led from confrontation with extreme danger in the jungles of East Timor (you will probably have to check where that is) to drug dens and depravity in the backstreets of Kuala Lumpur en route to even murkier dealings in the City of London. The cynicism and self-interest which drive this epic in the corridors of power in the City of London and ministerial offices in Whitehall in pursuit of power and vast wealth can only terrify in the hope that these things don’t actually happen. But do they? Mike’s horribly convincing account, leading ultimately to a violent conclusion in the Kent countryside, is so realistic that it must surely have some basis in reality. Which makes it  even more terrifying.

A must-read.”

– Harry Ferguson, 5 star reviewer