Imagination is the bedrock of great writers…

Imagination is the bedrock of great writers – for others, the life led fills the page and colours all the words with meaning and substance.

Although creativity requires much more than a chronicle of days past – that’s just a biography – the people and locations that make up our lives demand prominence, especially when they provoke fierce emotions of terror and admiration.

The four books in the Omega Quartet bring to life big characters that populate dramatic landscapes that nobody would inhabit by choice.

However, at times, I ended up there by accident, design or compulsion – I have little memory of why I ended up in a Liberian prison, or in a Yekaterinburg cemetery, “Shirokorechenskoe Cemetery” – known as the Gangsters cemetery” – or in a Hong Kong cell talking with a convicted murderer telling me how he had been ordered to carry out a murder by a minister in the Malaysian Government.

That was the life I led for many years. Those years were enthralling, exciting and, at times, terrifying. My books reflect those often-stark backgrounds and mesmerising characters, some inspiring, like Consuela, and others terrifying, like Adolfo Guzman.

Memories of Adolfo Guzman abounded on 11 September 2020 when the Spanish Criminal Court convicted Inocente Orlando Montano, 78, a retired Salvadoran military officer, and sentenced him to 133 years and three months for his role in the 1989 murder of five Jesuit priests during the 12-year Salvadoran civil war.

In my novels A Candle for Consuela, A Flyblown Solution and soon-to-be-published Bangkok Verdict, I have revisited those times and recaptured some of the characters who distinguished those days.

The novels are records of dramatic times, intense confrontations and occasional fatigued satisfaction at the end of dark days and long nights.

Between those times lay rehabilitation and recreation in locations that provided places of safety between the turmoil. Locations like Batu Ferrenghi in Penang, the beautiful island of Langkawi off Malaysia’s northwest coast and an iconic hotel in Kuala Lumpur that brought back forgotten memories of rubber plantations and colonial authority.

I have crafted several novellas that bring these places to life together with characters like Raguan Rahman and Alex David, who play an important part in the backdrop to the novels.

The novellas include Shadows of Redemption and Legacy of Redemption – currently on Amazon for £1.99 but FREE to download HERE for members of my Readers Group.

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